cooperthedog, mirra and me

cooperthedog, mirra and me

a few of the books I've worked on

lisa m. rasmussen ms/mfa

I am happy to take on freelance and commissioned work in Illustration, Book Design, Graphic Design or Fine Art.

I am available to teach workshops in drawing, watercolors, pastels and life drawing. 

I am also available to give talks on Art and Design.

I've had many different experiences, but for the last 10 or so years, I've been an adjunct faculty member at several area colleges and universities, an illustrator, and a fine artist. I love what I do!

on illustration: 

The tactile nature of my work is very important to me as is the tactile nature of books. The audience can see my hand in the illustrations that I create. Drawing, painting and making things with my hands have become my peace and my solace, my portal to a different world. It is just me and the feel of the pencil or paintbrush in my hand, the texture of the paper, mixing the paint, gliding the brush across the page or pressing the pencil into the paper, watching the watercolors intermingling on the paper, the graphite marks changing from dark to light as I adjust the pressure, are all tactile and sensory experiences that attract me to work in this way. I always feel amazed at myself that I can take a blank piece of paper and create a whole world on it if I want to.

Even though I can and do work both digitally and traditionally, part of me feels that making things with one’s hands is becoming a dying art. I want to keep that tradition alive.


on book design: 

I experiment and find ways to create unique physical books. My intention is to get people to think about books in a different way. My work investigates and examines the tension between form and content of physical books. I design, write and illustrate books that explore form and consider how that form echoes the content of each book. The result is an opportunity for audiences to experience a physical book on a deeper level. 

There has been much discussion over the last several years about how e-books will replace the printed book. I believe that both forms (physical and e-book) can and will coexist. The physical book needs to evolve to continue to be relevant as the e-book comes out of its infancy and continues to evolve and grow into its potential. As the medium of books changes, how we make books needs to continue to evolve in order that books, regardless of their tangibility, maintain relevancy and a strong relationship to story.

on graphic design:

Working on my MFA I discovered that the definition of graphic design is determined by each designer.  The field is open. Our job as graphic designers to help make this world a better place. Making new and meaningful art is the evolution of graphic design.